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Proud to have been a part of the evolution of Design over the past two decades, from its classic roots to its use as a key tool for innovation and business, I started my career as one of the pioneers of digital design under the principles of Usability and User-Centered Design, evolving from tactical tasks, focusing on excellence and detail, to more strategic layers adopting Design Thinking, to maximize its impact through Service Design.

During that time, I have been fortunate to work in pioneering companies incorporating and defining these tools, having the chance to apply them while creating impact from the real practition with big clients and transformative projects ranging from Digital Design, Industrial Design, Experience Design, New Services and Business Models.

In the last 6 years, my role has been as Managing Director in the offices of Designit Tokyo and Barcelona, leading transversaly the methodology and content of projects, the commercial activity, and the management and hiring of teams.

It is said I'm an empathetic leader who likes to manage teams considering emotions through the intense use of transparency, ethics and mutual trust.

Apart from the essential activity of design, I have developed special interest in the management of multicutural teams, ethics in design, and I am currently researching the role of design in recent counter-digital movements.

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